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Perfectly perfect

The great weekend weather afforded lots of this and other enjoyable acts. How did it treat you?



Good times

Rachel's super cool wall. I'm smitten with it..

In a better late than never post, I wanted to exclaim that I'm still riding my Monday-night-of-fun-high... Man, I needed that. Well, maybe I didn't really need the 2.5 mojitos in such a short time span - but, the giggling comes back to me as I dump photos from my camera. My blurry - almost unrecognizable photos - are great evidence that laughing was out-of-control...

Um, yeah... there was a lot of hootin'. For a complete list (because it will take me another week to write this post with proper linking action of who was there -- see Rachel's blog.

This week has been a whirlwind of household projects while my girl is at camp for 3 hours each morning. I did a spray-paint makeover on all my kitchen hardware, primed and painted a commissioned armoire thingy-majig for Rylan's room (but still need to complete the accent coloring, and am ANXIOUSLY awaiting a new carpet installation (TODAY!). Am pleased to have narrowly dodged an expensive bullet & I have talked an insurance adjuster into a new roof too. It's been a great week!

Anyway, Thanks, girls, for the fun... It was my {drunken, tummy filled} pleasure!



The Patriotic Princess

I had a little fun with a commissioned tutu order. It was fun to get back in the "tutu saddle" again... I also added one to my etsy shop for any other Patriotic Princesses out there.

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a doodle for daddy

I've mentioned my fondness of Maize Hutton's work several times before (although I'm still miffed she shut her blog down!) But, I am so in love with one of our Father's Day Gifts, I had to share again... Kenzie and I commissioned Maize to make a Doodle Tag as a Father's Day gift. How fitting, eh?

Kenzie drew a little doodle, which of course, she enjoyed very much. The doodle was transferred onto this tag which we added to a key-chain for the most perfect little gift. The doodle is a picture of her daddy. Wearing a crown. I thought that was hair on his head..but apparently he is wearing a crown. Or so she says..

Along with the doodle tag comes a stamp made out of the same image - which we plan to have lots of fun with as well.

The gifts wrapped up and given with love during a pretty fantastic camping trip - sealed the deal.

It was his best Father's Day ever.... He's one Grateful Dad.

Thanks Maize for your help in making it so special!



The yummiest little critter

I don't know what summer has done with my tendency to be wordy, but, I've got little to say. Lately, my days finish with a feeling of accomplishment and I've been enjoying it all so much. I was a wee bit miffed to have to shut the windows this hot afternoon, but we've got some future camping trips on the agenda so we'll get another fresh air fix soon.

Tonight: fish on the grille and this little guys toes for desert. Good thing they're clean.



sneak peak

I designed a fairly fun superhero cape for an upcoming book project...but I feel I must preserve the rest of it until the publishing date.

~more words next time.

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10 years.

5 houses, 2 kids, two cross country moves
Ten years: It's really just spun by.

Today, is our 10 year anniversary. I'm one lucky girl. My husband accepts my weaknesses (probably better than I do his) and absolutely celebrates my strengths.

I wish the same love for our kids, some day.
Thanks for spinning with me, baby....



This post is for me....

This summer, I'm making a conscious effort to slow down. With my real job, my etsy shop, two kids, no preschool/childcare, etc. --> like many, I was starting to feel a bit suffocated by my task list. My goals for this summer:

*Kenzie and I are going to create with a gusto... and I WILL respond with glee when she asks to "get.the.paints.&.paint.on.a.sheet.of.wood.outside.RIGHT.NOW." Rylan will bring his drool. I figure we can thin the paint down with it. chuckle, chuckle.

* I'm excited to be discussing some tail shenanigans with one of my favorite (but too spendy for me) shops. I'm happy with my boutique and webstore offerings at this point, so I won't be considering any additional wholesale inquiries. (Hear that Self?? I'd better be listening.)

* I'm going to catch up Kenzie's blog , and begin Rylan's baby album. (Yep, I've fallen behind already, or more truthfully, I haven't even started..)

* I AM going to commit to some carpet for the house. ReAlLy!! I've been perusing carpet samples for months. The job isn't going to get any cheaper. And I just can't live with other people's dingy white grime left on this 16 year old carpet.

* Exercise. Baby blubber sucks.
* In tandem with the above - I'm in the mood to eat some seriously uncomplicated meals. Fresh, as raw as possible...& easy. That's my goal.

* Expand my flickr account to the Pro Version. So many photos get archived away without any purpose. Share some of those here. I feel like I can delete photos when they are recorded somewhere. (unless they are kiddo shots). I fear the day I have to weed through the gazillions of photos saved on an outdated hard drive.

* Finish my projects . If you're quick you can offer your favorite pillowcase memories by June 7, and maybe be included in the book too.

But, most of all. My goal for the summer is to keep it simple. I tend to complicate things. And that's just not necessary... so, if I'm a wee bit quiet, don't fret, I'm just concentrating on the simple stuff.