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Storage needed.

Project "make-sense-out-of-the-playroom" continues. What do do with the 14,096 plastic Dinosaurs? {well... I tried to donate a ton of them to the 1st grade's weekly prize box. But, apparently, my daughter noticed. And, she keeps bringing them back home each week!} So, a storage idea was in order.

A Richard Scarry book (Peasant Pig) was found thrifting, and the kids determined the story line was creepy. Not a favorite.

So, I dismantled the many pages and created a less creepy story on their new Dinosaur storage container... I'd also like to say: I.heart.mod.podge.

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Best Valentine's yet

We've a long history of handmaking Valentine's, and then somehow mucking up the delivery. (i.e. last year we made different ones for boys and girls, separated into bags - and Kenzie managed to give every single boy a girl one, and vice versa). So, this year...with two kids delivering, I decided to keep it simple. Last year, I'd earmarked this idea from Alicia... and am so pleased to have these done in early February (a benefit of two snow days in a row, thanksverymuch). They make the kids smile..and me too.

Simply take your photo, with kiddo's arm outstretched. Doctor it at picnik with words and simple embellishments. Cut slits above and below the hand and insert sucker. Done. & Done. Easy to deliver and very pleasing!