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Exasperated Sigh....

This is one of two collage pieces I was making. One is for a gift and is still in progress. This one I'm totally pissed at. JJill is having an art contest for a new T-shirt design. You send in a 10x10 piece of "art" and if you win, you earn an amazing vacation or a nice consellation prize.

I had intended to fill this in with more flowers and a few "Nod to Nature" written phrases, but I did a test-scan mid-stream and realize that it doesn't scan nearly as incredible as it appears in real life. I used felt background, machine stitched the whole thing and used ephemera (I've always wanted to use that word, and don't know if it really applies here?) but the collage pieces include maps, newspapers, other papers, wall papers, etc. The layers are very interesting...all though it certainly doesn't appear so much in the scan. It looks like absolute crap in the scan. Bummer.

I give up. No JJill prize for me...


It's a surprise...

It's properly distorted and disguised here, but documented just enough to satisfy my "project isn't done until blogged" disorder.

The rest will be revealed once the gifties have been fully appreciated by the recipient.

I'm working on another few gifts and ideas, but my other disorder involves not posting items until they are finished.

Somebody prescribe me some meds. Really.



Swimsuit cover up - slash - dress..

I am hurriedly posting pictures because being the neurotic crafter that I am - a project does not feel complete until it's posted on the blog. I need meds.

I had this spontaneous thought to make Kenzie a swimsuit cover up as our neighborhood pool is opening soon. So, without a pattern, I created this reversible concoction during her nap today. I have a pink aversion, but was astonished when half way through the stupid thing I thought "What's up with the (HOT) pink???"

The front:

The back:

A close up of one side. The reverse is the same color, but a different pattern. I thought my idea was brilliant, as Kenzie can make a mess of an outfit in 2.4 seconds. Turn this baby inside out and Voila!! She's fresh!

My model was not cooperating and it's too windy outside to photograph out there - so here's the shots:
The uncooperative model (with bed-head!):

I think we'll be using this with the swim gear as originally intended. It will also look darling with some pigtails, and layered over a pair of pants and T-shirt. I love little girls in layers. I think I'll make more, but next time - I'll tone down the color a bit!



A jaunty little cap

Excuse the crap photos with no model (*who's napping right now), but I've just made this jaunty little cap for Kenzie. Andi of Superminx was so kind as to send me instructions for making this after I'd admired several of her productions. I just love this style of cap!!

I love to wear hats myself (i.e. bad hair days) and Kenzie is notorious for snatching them off of my head and slapping them on her own. I'm interested in making her a few of these, as well as adjusting the pattern for my own few. This actually turned out similarly to one that I purchased from Urban Outfitters for a whole bunch o' money!! (and I totally used what I had, so it didn't cost me one extra cent to create this).

Andi's one of my favorite blog-friends - and she's super generous with her ideas. Amazing I tell ya - the people you can connect with through this crafty little bloggy community! Love it!