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Fantastic Mail Day

My husband has started working from home on Mondays. Opening the mail today was one of those perplexing events where he stood back, watching me open packages and commenting: Wow! Wow? Wow! Who are these people??? Why are they sending you all this stuff???

I got a really nice package from Shanna Price (of Pink Trees). I also got a surprise replacement pendant (for the shamrock pendant that I showed a few days ago with that funky white haze at the bottom. It turns out Shamrocks "perspire." But, the new version is absolutely perfect).

And, I got the most amazing package from Maize including my very own set of "Mommy tags" and a set of "Tot tags" for Kenzie. We both promptly affixed them to our necks. I did not catch the greatest shots of them, but that's because I got timid pointing the camera at myself when my neighbors were outside also reviewing the story of the great mail day. (My husband mentioned it, and then I had to re-explain just how blogging brings such surprises. And, then I had to keep explaining it when I saw -- all the blank stares on their faces).

I was expecting Maize's mail... But, she stuffed in some extra pincushions and other whimsical goodies. Her jewelry is spectacular. And, it has certainly earned us many compliments today. Kenzie adores her necklace....and in case you folks haven't noticed... I'm sort of a jewelry junkie. I just love unique pieces, including Maize's work. I will wear it many days, and it's impossible to miss as it makes this cute little jingle when you walk about.

Today, was a most excellent mail day!

We are excited to reciprocate all the generosity by partaking in Kelli's mission. Please join us in supplying Mozambique Goodwill Bags .

And, in closing - a boutique sold out of my little tutus. They promptly suggested an order of 50 more. The Doodle Factory is plugging along, but I may end up sending a smaller number. Aye-aye-aye. 50. That's a whole lotta tutus!



Blogger beki said...

Hooray for good mail. I love getting surprise packages.

50 tutu's? Girl, you'd better get busy!!!

8:00 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Love your new necklaces! Congratulations on the boutique selling out of your tutus...they are beautiful!

1:01 PM  
Blogger Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

How exciting! Congratulations on making so many little girls thrilled with beautiful new tutus!

6:31 PM  
Blogger African Kelli said...

50!! Look at you go! That is so awesome Stacy. Just wait until I have a flock of little ones. They are all going to need lots of tutus. I hope you haven't gone couture by then and I can still afford your designs.
And as for those mommy/tot tags. LOVE! So great!

10:24 PM  
Blogger Heidijayhawk said...

congrats on selling out of your tutus! that is so awesome! and i love the jewelry too!

1:26 PM  
Blogger Melissa R. Garrett said...

WOW! Congrats on all the wonderful mail surprises and the order ~ spectacular!! Hannah and Bridget both have July birthdays, and I am thinking they both need a new tutu ;-)

7:25 AM  
Anonymous maize said...

Oh my! You're on to something there girl! 50!! You can do it!! w

11:11 AM  

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