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The holiday that never ends....

That's what Halloween seems like to me! We've been costumed for a neighborhood parade, a preschool parade, a pumpkin hollow, the night of the living farm, story hour, and tonight is the grand finale.

I mentioned Kenzie is going to be a dragon - which was a great costume. But, it's been SO warm. So, after exhausting the princess attire & wearing the dragon twice, I whipped this little number up with stuff on hand at the house. If only I'd been so wise to have thought to offer a witchy tutu on Etsy. :)

She was a witch for a morning activity. Tonight, we'll be wearing the dragon since it'll be chillier. And, we'll be happy to finally draw this holiday to a close....

Happy Halloween!!

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Ah, shucks.

I haven't done much but disappear into books lately. Today, while presented with almost a whole day to myself (kenzie had breakfast with her grandparents, had preschool, and then took an afternoon nap), I decided to make SOMETHING. I have this bench in my entry way that I have now tried to make pillows for several times.

And failed several times.

Each pillow turns out lovely in itself. It just doesn't work in the space.

I've moved it around to various rooms and although earth tones work in any room, the pillow doesn't quite fit in anywhere.
{Sigh} A free day. And I wasted it.


***After receiving a few comments, I realized that you don't know what the rest of the space looks like - and therefore don't see why the pillow won't work from the first 3 pictures. I stole this picture from the post about my amazing flowers, and the new pillow isn't present.

But, see? The pillow makes NO sense with that rug (click the photo for a larger view). Duh. :) I should have realized that from the onset of the project!

Yet, the pillow is still sitting there anyway.... :) And, my husband hasn't even noticed it, so maybe it doesn't stick out so badly after all???



Kenzie's First Home

Battle Mountain: The former view out my back door in San Diego

After nearly 1.5 years of whining about leaving San Diego, I can finally appreciate that it was a lucky move. While watching the news online, we've seen that our specific neighborhood was one of the first to be touched by fires. Astonished, via the news... we saw the intersection leading into our old neighborhood demolished by flames. Today, I have confirmed that our ENTIRE STREET was demolished.

This picture is of Kenzie admiring the mountains of our second story deck & was taken just before we moved away. Battle Mountain is just off to the left, and not visible in this picture.

This was Kenzie's first home. Suddenly, all my whines about leaving that home...have become an ENORMOUS sigh of relief.

My thoughts are with our old friends that still resided in that neighborhood (but we've located safe), and the many others that have lost their homes.



halfway fat

I am terrible at taking (or allowing) belly photos but I admire those who are more diligent about it. I surmise this has a wee bit to do with how I feel about myself while pregnant. But, one shouldn't whine, eh?

A friend of mine took silhouette pictures of her full body ~naked~ at each month's mark. She actually showed them to both me and !!my husband!! and they were really gorgeous. This shot was forced, cropped & mutilated - making it worth sharing. I sure didn't catch the same effect that she did. Perhaps I should borrow her thighs for my next try.

We've reached the halfway mark. Actually, in theory, we've surpassed it. I will have to succumb a second C-section (Long story, but medical liability mandates it). So, 18 weeks to go!

This realization is a slap in the face as I've done nothing but read books lately. Best get off that rump and get a bedroom started!



Junky Punky

We finally finished junkin' our punkin'. We (or, rather, I) had envisioned a dragon theme to match my gals dragon costume, however things soon got out of hand (as they typically will with a 3 year old wielding paint brushes). I quickly ditched the "planned" part of the project and just aimed to survive...

Kenzie painted. I arranged the junk. She whined while I arranged the junk. (she had other ideas).
But, I think we like the outcome:

****this is for Holli's contest, and also for the place where big and little art meet and some kenzie doodle fun. Nothing like killing all my birds with one stone, eh?

It was fun, albeit, er, ahem...a wee bit stressful for those of us who aren't so patient. Honestly, I don't know who made the biggest mess - her or me?