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Good times

Rachel's super cool wall. I'm smitten with it..

In a better late than never post, I wanted to exclaim that I'm still riding my Monday-night-of-fun-high... Man, I needed that. Well, maybe I didn't really need the 2.5 mojitos in such a short time span - but, the giggling comes back to me as I dump photos from my camera. My blurry - almost unrecognizable photos - are great evidence that laughing was out-of-control...

Um, yeah... there was a lot of hootin'. For a complete list (because it will take me another week to write this post with proper linking action of who was there -- see Rachel's blog.

This week has been a whirlwind of household projects while my girl is at camp for 3 hours each morning. I did a spray-paint makeover on all my kitchen hardware, primed and painted a commissioned armoire thingy-majig for Rylan's room (but still need to complete the accent coloring, and am ANXIOUSLY awaiting a new carpet installation (TODAY!). Am pleased to have narrowly dodged an expensive bullet & I have talked an insurance adjuster into a new roof too. It's been a great week!

Anyway, Thanks, girls, for the fun... It was my {drunken, tummy filled} pleasure!



Blogger Shannon said...

Oh what I would give for 2.5 mojitos with some girls friends! And especially some serious giggling. Giggling is so good for the soul and I am in a giggle deficit at that moment. You are one lucky girl!

9:00 PM  
Blogger Heidijayhawk said...

i am ever so jealous!!! maybe us out west can come next time? the pictures look like you guys had a fabulous time!

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Oh it was so much fun Stacy! Really, we need to start doing them monthly. That much laughing has got to work wonders for the soul I think.

12:11 PM  
Blogger hrsj said...

oh rachel, yes let's do this monthly! i haven't laughed that hard in i know know when! i didn't know you snapped that picture of me. you're sneaky stacy ;)
it was soooo much fun.

10:00 PM  

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