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Craft Book'er

What could be more inspiring to a defunct craft blogger? Books! Especially two that include projects of my own. Projects done long ago - back when my mind thought more in blog posts and project lists than in poopy diapers and chasing wobbly walkers from the stool to the dog water...exclaiming "no, no" and then repeating!!

Two books arrived this week in the mail. Two books that I'd nearly forgotten I was part of. I've got three projects in Sweet Booties (booties, a bib and matching tutu), and two projects in the Pillowcase Challenge book (a superhero cape and a dress). So what if my name is spelled wrong in one? It's still me! :)

...in tandem with the release of the Pillowcase Challenge book - they are developing some Pillowcase Craft Challenge fun. A contest running from March 6 – April 30. The contest will be open to the public and invites crafters to submit a photo of their own crafty repurposed pillowcase—much like I did for the book. In fact - I'm going to be a judge of the creative shenanigans!

This here little ducky is Lark’s Pillowcase Contest “mascot.” Please post him on your own sites and blogs with a link to Lark’s contest page if you'd like to play along. All the rules and registration information can be found at Lark's site as well. Of course, there's a rather nice little reward to be realized by the winner!!

Happy Crafting!



Blogger beki said...

Hey you! I've been meaning to email you because you've been on my mind lately. I hope all is well :)

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Alicia A. said...

Good good crafter.

Bad bad book editor.

Just kiddin'. But really- they should double check. ;)

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How cool is this. You're published. Awesome!

6:32 PM  

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