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Craft Blog on Maternity Leave

The problem with focusing this blog on "creating" ..is that I feel like there isn't anything to blog about when I've so little time to be creative.

Well, I made this little cute little critter, so I think that counts as bloggable material?

And, perhaps you'll remember his little shirt? It was our handmade gift made by the big sister. As you can imagine, she's terribly proud when he wears it. She insists he wears it a lot.

Rylan is now a month old. It seems like I was JUST whining about still being pregnant, and now a month of his life has FLOWN BY! Well, except for the nights - that is. The nights seem like they will never end sometimes. (little guy is a zen baby in the daylight, but a grunting, farting, can't-lay-flat-on-his-back, gas machine at night.) Imagine that.

As you can tell, I've been on a bit of a blog detox lately. It's not only difficult typing with a baby dangling from you...but I've found it supremely difficult to entertain the Kenzie gal and sync up any "breaks" with blog reading and writing. Many apologies for my lack of commenting too! It seems that when I do find time to read, I'm holding a baby and I'm not stellar at the one-handed typing. Many thanks to those of you who've checked in on our status. Those inquiries have brought me many smiles.

Amazingly, I've noticed a positive outcome from less time spent online. Although I miss it... (& I don't know how many times I've considered giving up sleeping all together and coming down to peruse blogs when the babe is keeping me up!) But, I've truly noticed that my mind feels less scattered. I also find that I'm feeling more inspired in daily life to be active and available - rather than just reading about how everyone else is! The past month has just been a really nice time for my little family.

Look at him... can you blame me for being distracted?

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Green Week (condensed)

...as depicted in my cozy little world:

**green blankie by Laura

Things have been blissful.

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