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Chalkboard placemats

Chalkboard placemats
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I loved the idea of the commercially produced chalkboard placemats for children, but didn't want to pay for them (they were about $20-25 each!).

Here's my handmade replica - a set of four that will be given to my nieces. They are double sided, a pretty side (for their Mama)...and the chalkboard side (for the doodler's)...and they roll-up for traveling. I used completely non-toxic chalkboard paint.

I also included a piece of chalk, a felt eraser, and a shrinky dink pin labeling each one with the nieces name.

I really like how these turned out!! I love the idea of my sister-in-law leaving notes for the girls on them, or thinking of the girls drawing patiently while their Mom makes dinner. And, if they are chalked up and looking messy -- Voila, they can be flipped over and look decorative for unexpected company.

The only not-so-practical thing about these wonderful things is - they can be handwashed, but I don't think they should be thrown in the washing machine. I don't know how chalkboard paint would weather that ride...




My daughter is having a Christmas picture taken with her four nieces. I made these to embellish the plain white turtlenecks that they will be wearing in the photo.

Some will be placed on the chest area..and others will be adhered to the bottom area of the shirts.

This is one of the last minute craft projects that I had on my agenda. Another is mid-stream and I'm still wondering....if it will turn out as expected. Chalkboard placemats!!



Every night, I have that urge to make something and then the evening dwindles away and I suck. But, I've got some deadlines for a few projects that absolutely must occur in the next few days. I got all my swaps done (all..as in 3!! not very many) and mailed, albeit a tad bit late. I'm still waiting on my return packages as well -so we'll see how that goes.

The best swap..wasn't a swap at all. My head is still spinning with the FREE kindness. Alicia of *Posie: Rosy Little Things* & Ella Posie: A Baby, Birthday, Bridal, Just-Because Boutique..sent me a whole package of free & gorgeous felt, in great colors.

If you're not aware of her creations, site, etc. - Head on over there for a visit. She's got some lovely stuff and clearly is such a generous person - sending felt to some 20 of us beggars, with no expectation of even so much as a returned favor.
rosy little things

ella posie



another day...another hat.

Still finding homes for all my flowers. This is another stocking cap I made. I didn't have any suitable models at home at the time, and well the neck of this wine cork collection holder worked just fine. :)

I haven't had much crafty time lately, so these instant gratification projects lend themselves well to the few spare minutes I had last night.



Flowers, Flowers...Everywhere!

Wondering what else I can adhere a flower too lately. Here's a shirt for my daughter that I just finished last night. She'll be taking a photo with her neices over Christmas and I'm planning to make a coordinating (but different) shirt for all five of them.

It's simple, but fairly darling, if I must say so myself. I thought about adding stitching around the neck and sleeve holes, but opted to keep it simple and avoid the risk of strangling the poor child with permanently too tight openings. That's a kind and thoughtful Mama, eh???



Flowers and Hats...

I finally did as intended and mounted two of my little flowers on stocking caps --- intended for me. ME. Me. As you can see, my daughter however has already found them new owners. On an adult sized head, they look really cool positioned off on the side of the head.

So tonight, I commence with more ideas for them. Kids need their own stinking hats so that they keep their mitts off of mine. I plan to make a cuter smaller girlier version for Kenzie -- with a flower plopped right on stinking top. And, then, I'm gonna make some more. I figure while I'm at it, I'll make some for babies with animals instead of flowers. (got a few gifties to come up with). That's a lofty goal for an evening which has already been ticking away as I type this...