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Gift ideas for little dudes

As is my everyday morning routine - I come downstairs to make breakfast but get sidetracked by turning on my computer ...which sits at the desk in the kitchen. This morning, the first email I read was from Melissa , my number-freaking-1-customer, who was informing me that my tail was highlighted on Etsy's HOME page.

What was my first reaction?

Clearly - I grabbed the camera. And, then I fumbled about trying to save the actual page, as tail orders began pouring into my inbox. Suddenly, I had visions of my entire shop selling out. I also had visions of paying for the very expensive car repairs we are currently incurring - solely with my Etsy earnings.

And, then... the tail on the Home page sold. & the fuss was over.
But, man - it was terribly exciting for 45.28 seconds!!

(which did result in four tail sales, and three tail commissions! It was still a rather profitable 45.28 seconds by all means!!)

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Sick Babe

My main gal, Kenzie, came down with the flu yesterday while at preschool. Together, we set up sick bed in my bedroom due to the close proximity of the toilet and the television set. While I laid next to her, it occurred to me that coming down with the flu while pregnant would like. totally. suck. And, then - my neighbor had a tutu emergency for a photo shoot with her three girls. She needed a black tutu with zebra stripes in two hours. So, pronto!!, I moved into my studio room which is a separate room attached to our master bedroom.

How conducive to being productive!!! My shop is fairly stocked with tutus & tails. Artwork should be forthcoming if the flu manages to avoid me. I'm still in my pajamas and my hygiene isn't so good - but I feel quite accomplished. I've printed tags! I've finished a few little (tiny) thank you gifts owed to some bloggers! My studio is tidier! Kenzie did some sewing! We did some art together! I've blogged!

And, my babe appears to be on the mend - minus a lot of coughing which is ruining her nap at the moment.

My new favorite tutus:

And, now I'd best hit the shower.

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My little etsy world was shrinking, so I'm working on replenishing it's offerings. It's Christmastime in the stores which has encouraged my mood for gift planning.

I've added a pretty little Christmas Tutu, in white, red & silver. I'm thinking this would look adorable with black tights, black mary-janes, and a black turtle neck. I envision it for a formal Christmas party or maybe for Church.

I plan on making a few more Christmas themed tutus & and saving one for Kenzie to wear. That is...if I can keep up with all the tutus my husband seems to be GIVING AWAY. :) I could kill him for being so generous - but I do enjoy spreading the tutu love.

What color combintions would you envision for other Christmas Tutus?

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Top 10 Reasons for My Birthday Ambivalence

..yay...Happy Birthday Me....