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Here I am on a recent camping trip - playing with my son... well, he's actually down by my knees on the blanket. Looks like I got a bit distracted by his toy mirror and my camera. That's the Mayflies laundry in the background there. He.he. We had another excellent camping adventure with Alicia's little family. It was terribly nice to just.shut.off.

We came back on Monday, but I can't seem to catch up. That is perhaps the theme of my summer. I continue to do little journaling projects along-side Echoes. But, my scanner needs an attitude adjustment and I've been unable to scan them with any resemblance to the actual piece. I've also decided to play along with Grace's "Summer Is" Flickr Group. For some reason, if I can just manage one thing a day..one silly picture loaded SOMEWHERE.. I feel better about the whole daily outcome. I've just given myself permission to qualify these little moments as "achievements."

So, now I've done blogged and posted a picture to Flickr. It almost takes the sleepiness away from being awakened 6 times by the wee little Rylan last night. I hope he's on the verge of something major developmentally to explain that. tired. nonsense.

Happy weekend everyone!

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My Echoes contribution for today was a quick 10 minute work to warm up my day... It started simply, with coffee rings...

I had a lovely morning with the babe this morning while Kenzie had brunch with the g-parents. My mind enjoyed the few moments to wander while I babbled at the little guy who held a fistful of my hair. He announced a halt to this journal piece... and insisted we go lick the yellow plush block that "quacks" instead. Such is my {wonderful} life. But, I find that starting the day with even a derailed project is nice...



trying to find myself amongst the daily chaos..

But, I fully enjoyed a well-timed SIMULTANEOUS nap for both children ~ and throwing (literally) this together for Echoes. And, am looking forward to a day of nothingness tomorrow - and perhaps more of that this weekend?



on inspiring little girls

The days of summer are rolling by in a blur and creativity is stifled in between baby cries and "must do's." However, I was instantly enamored with the new project by some of my favorite girls and wanted to join in..

Kenzie gave me the inspiration this morning...

We're also contributing this to The Place Where Big and Little Art Meet. We did just as Kenzie suggested - using the flowers and bits of nature to paint & collage the art. Thank you Kenzie & the Echoes creators. This Mama needed that.

**My piece is on top. Kenzie's outcome follows.**

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Reverse Nesting

The thing about not learning the sex of your baby until the birth (for me anyway) is that I feel no stress about getting the bedroom done. The stress comes for me when...the baby is here, I can see the personality & they are about to get themselves evicted from my bedroom if they can't stop waking me up every two hours at night.

he.he. Just kidding. Well, kind of..

I wish I still had Kenzie's enthusiasm for this whole box painting thing. I had a "system" built by a friend for Rylan's room. It's a bunch of boxes that can be reassembled in various formations... inspired from these but totally our own design. You can see just a few of them behind Kenzie in this photo.

The friend I commissioned the piece from did an amazing job and charged a smidge of what I thought he would for it. The problem?? Well, actually there are several:
1. I have to paint the thing. (2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint, with two accent colors. Sealed with a poly-acrylic finish. Inside & out).
2. And, I've got perfectionistic obsessive compulsive tendencies.
3. And, I've also got two foul nappers who must be conspiring to NEVER sleep at the same time. I just get my paints out, make a mess and someone is waking up.

Rylan is going to be 19 before I get this thing painted. Which means he could still be sleeping in my room for as many years -as- I insist on having his room finalized before he finally moves in there.

Crazy. I know.
In hindsight, perhaps I should have made the husband do it while I was still pregnant. :)