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Save Handmade

I have taken notice of a big problem and wanted to share it with those of you who may be unaware. I've been mulling this over for the past few days, just itching to do a blog post about it when I found time. In pondering all those big toy recalls of the recent past..the lead found in toys, & not to mention the yucky phthalates and BPA in other toys and baby bottles - I can appreciate the efforts. BUT, a new law has been passed that intends to address these problems. It's called the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act, and it states that anything sold for use by children younger than the age of 12 must be first tested for lead and be phthalate-free. Wouldn't that be wonderful??

Well, there's just one major problem. It applies to handmade goods, as well. Like the stuff I make...and the bazillions of great wares on Etsy. At a cost of up to $1500 per item, lead testing would eliminate most handmade children's items. It would be devastating to folks like me who rely on our little hobby/trade to make some extra dollars! My other concern, in addition to folks like me going out of business, is that this regulation will take away the right of choice -- in regard to the types of toys and clothing we buy for our children. If handmade is illegal, then parents will be stuck purchasing mass produced items, with no no option for purchasing clever, unique, and safe handmade stuffs from me, on Etsy, etc. I don't like this at all!

Please take some simple steps to make your voice heard. It's important for all of us who make, sell, and buy handmade! Go here to do what you can!

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My Kit

Well hi there. Excuse the sporadic posting. We are trying to keep up with the holiday shopping, advent activities, etc. and I feel a bit bah humbug about the time running thin. It's such a lovely time of year - but with so much to do!

In exciting news - my first scrapbook kit went live today! Scrapbookers - you'll have to share your insights... You can buy it here along with many more lovey handmade digital art kits. I've got some more in the works... but, hopefully I'll manage the time to conclude them before the applicable season ends. I don't think there will be much want for a "Winter Wonderland" kit in the middle of summer next year??

Wishing you Merry Holidays. May the gift of time to enjoy it all be bestowed upon us all!

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First Reflective Photo attempt for 2008

This was an accidental catch while trying to take a shot of my kids & I in another reflective ornament. Rylan is a wee bit distracted by all the shiny things he could cram in his mouth...making the photo taking a bit complicated! His expression in this picture says it all...

Another day...better luck?


Advent shenanigans

We've begun another advent journey to Christmas. This year, I've tried to add more creative activities into our calendar and am looking forward to those artful moments with Kenzie. The list of activities and the resulting shenanigans will be posted over at my Kenzie's Doodle's Blog.

As one of our Advent activities is to take a reflective family photo in an ornament - I'll be hosting another Ornamentz challenge again this year. Take a gander at last years photos, which were great fun. Please join the Flickr Group and post your favoritest photo(s). If I love your photo most in the end, I'll send you a prize. Here's a button if you like that sort o' thing:

And, with great remorse, I must say that I think the traveling tail has gone MIA. Anyone know a Linda Holland and how to reach her? She was the next address on the list, and I couldn't reach her via the email addy's I have to inquire of it's status. Oops.

Happy Advent-ing everyone. My little family is anticipating a lovely December! May the season be as Merry as you wish it to be....

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