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Back in the crafty saddle...

We've moved to a new house, to a new city, and we're loving every second of it. But, I've found that I'm very inspired to be creative again (not that it ever really waned, but I just lost the art of documenting it for awhile!) I've been making Christmas gifts like crazy and mid-stream thinking of how I'll photograph the complete project. I.e. I still "think" like a blogger.

And, I'm finding that it's very difficult to describe things over the phone to those friends who cheerlead my creative endeavors. As I was emailing photos of my latest project - it occurred to me:

I kind of miss having my crafty blog!

So, without further rambling about my absence, the why's, how's etc. I am loving these upcycled artworks I just finished. We have a large spare living space in the new house, which we have corralled the kiddo's toys in. My Mama graciously gifted us with the funds for a "Make-over" for the room. So, I assigned Kenzie as decorator and as result - we have an orange room with a chalkboard wall! We've got chairs and a table, storage.... all kinds of fun wild colored objects have been crammed in there. I've still got another few projects up my sleeve... but, I need a breather. I've been running full speed ahead on projects for a long while - and with the holidays pending... it's time to change gears.

These were all pieces of wall art that moved with us, but I couldn't find a spot for. So, with a little magazine paper, mod podge, paint, and a few little hands to help - I made three new Upcycled Wall Art pieces for the playroom.

The large piece is an old magnetic chalkboard. I left the center blank to hang Kenzie & Rylan's Masterpieces on. The words are a Dr. Seuss quote that I amended to fit the space I had to work with. I hope he doesn't mind. ;)
It says:
(starting at the top and reading clockwise) "You are you. You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. Steer yourself any direction you choose."

I also made one that states the basic tenants of a good time ... Just as a reminder for all those little people making messes, er, I mean playing...in this room:

"Play hard, laugh loud, smile often, Be Kind!"

They kinda make me smile. They're loud and big and fit right in with my daughter's design scheme! And, I had great fun making them...although dinner tonight is still a mystery!!

So, I'm wondering if anyone is still subscribed to be my "friend" here? :) Do say hello.