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We've had a busy weekend with relatives. Nice. Very nice. But, not conducive to keeping up with housework, photography challenges or other matters!! So, I'll close down the month (and the photography challenge) with my favorite shot.

Now, I've got much catching up to do... including (hopefully) a bit of noticing.

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Macros Starring Rylan:

Rylan's shots aren't as dynamic as the Kenzie-girls...but the little guy only does a few tricks so far.

He did however flip the camera off in one shot. My husband has cleverly forwarded the photo to everyone he knows. I, however, would have felt a little juvenile posting it to my blog. **giggle** But, to be honest - I did think about it.

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Macros Starring Kenzie:

I especially like that she's blurred in these photos, so one might not notice the big scratch on her face. That scratch? ..would be Mama's fault, accidentally imposed while overzealously towel drying her hair. Ow. Bad Mama.

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a before and after the storm:

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awful pretty

Oh hell. Figured I'd better load up some of my macro shots before we reach months end. My unread posts over at bloglines is overwhelming. I'm gonna select "mark all as read" & start fresh. I hope no one said anything terribly important that I'm missing out on. Time is certainly moving at warp speed.

This tree was beautiful. I made the hubby stop and wait while I photographed it incessantly. It was wise of him not to complain.

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A study of PINK's

I've admitted my Pink aversion before, (don't hate me, okay, Chris?)but springtime is one time where I find it totally lovely.

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Sights caught while we tried out our new toy.

We've always been avid campers.
Now that we've got two kiddos...and are landlocked.
Camping has taken on a new twist.

We've decided we need our own pink flamingo. This one belonged to someone else. I'll be making some creative adjustments to one as well. Kind of like our own camp mascot.

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I'm. absolutely. giddy. about. spring.

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my blur

Just like Green Week, I had every intention to join the Macro shenanigans. And, here I am - unofficially participating and totally late again (not to mention - sleep deprived). Here's a weeks worth of my pics.

Mr. Gassy Baby is still nursing every 1-2 hours at night. Sigh. Mama is eliminating milk from her diet as the Doc suspects a milk sensitivity might be the gassy culprit. ZzzzzzzzZZZzzz. Oops, sorry, I fell asleep there for a second. Damn, I like cheese. But, I like to sleep too - so we'll '86 the milk and see if that's the magic ticket.

So the low down is I've been just trying to stay awake. Two kids is so easy yet simultaneously so hard. We've got no routine to speak of and I just fly by the seat of my pants most of the time. But, I suspect that's the way it'll be for awhile.

I got the hankerin' to work on my studio a bit, so I've been spring cleanin' & replacing furniture in there. We'll see if that sparks the creative urge in me. Thus far - that creative urge appears to be getting more rest than the rest of me...

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