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Dumpster Diving

When some neighbors moved away, a piece of wood sitting by their trash can called to me from across the street. It kept calling to me... until I heard the trash truck coming - and I hurried across the street in a mad panic to claim it. It then sat in my garage for awhile while I brainstormed ideas for it's use. It appears to be an old table top, warped on one side with circular sweaty glass rings. I put my art on the opposite side. This is what I landed on:
My youngest covered it with my help with bits of magazine pages, mod-podged all over. I then bought stickers at the Dollar Store... and layed them down, in my quote of choice. We spray-painted the whole thing white and then lifted the stickers back off to reveal the colors beneath. I sanded the whole thing slightly to reveal a bit of texture... and left the sides unpainted. We hung it up in the stairway landing that goes to my kids bedrooms. That hallway has become a gallery of their art... enhanced by this.


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