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a doodle for daddy

I've mentioned my fondness of Maize Hutton's work several times before (although I'm still miffed she shut her blog down!) But, I am so in love with one of our Father's Day Gifts, I had to share again... Kenzie and I commissioned Maize to make a Doodle Tag as a Father's Day gift. How fitting, eh?

Kenzie drew a little doodle, which of course, she enjoyed very much. The doodle was transferred onto this tag which we added to a key-chain for the most perfect little gift. The doodle is a picture of her daddy. Wearing a crown. I thought that was hair on his head..but apparently he is wearing a crown. Or so she says..

Along with the doodle tag comes a stamp made out of the same image - which we plan to have lots of fun with as well.

The gifts wrapped up and given with love during a pretty fantastic camping trip - sealed the deal.

It was his best Father's Day ever.... He's one Grateful Dad.

Thanks Maize for your help in making it so special!



Blogger Julie said...

What a fun gift.... how neat to be able to use Kenzie's doodle!

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Lis Garrett said...

LOL! Bridget was sitting on my lap while I was reading this post, and the first thing she asked was, "Is that Daddy?" The first picture looks like him (although not the second). See?? It's not just me!!

8:30 AM  
Blogger beki said...

I do believe that Kenzie is your husband's clone.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Such a thoughtful gift. I am sure that Daddy was ecstatic. Wonderful!

9:39 AM  

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