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Precious Princess Birthday Gifts

Each of my nieces has an Oct. or Nov. birthday and this year, I made their gifts. My handmade birthday gifties have arrived and the surprise has been "had" - so I'll now post them here. I tried to stay true to their interests (princesses, ballerinas, etc.) and adhere to the themes and colors of their rooms. I hope they look great in all their rooms and make the girls feel as special as they truly are.

For our Baby Meredith, I made a Peter Rabbit themed box, as her room is Peter Rabbity.

For the twins, Caroline and Sarah, they got a princess a piece....

And for Katie, whose room has horse themes, I did a ballerina horse.

All the boxes were a lot of fun to make. They are solely created out of fabric (with cardboard backing). Embellishments include: buttons, beads, floss stitching, some wire, and metal letters.
(more pictures saved at my flickr.com account -- see link at left).



Indie Birthdays

I've got a whole slew of hand-made birthday creations to be added soon (after the element of surprise has been appreciated). I'm working on the last of FOUR textile art reliefs for each of my niece's birthdays which are in Oct. and early Nov. My crafty hands are getting tired from the consecutive nights work....

Additionally, I am also making some funny little animal themed totes for a few girls' birthday gifts - the recipients are unaware of this here blog.

Here are the completed totes. I think I can officially declare the idea a success. Humorously, most of each bag is made from Doug's old clothes. I salvaged the material and buttons from a huge pile of clothing he donated to the trash bin. There is an actual pocket taken from a shirt on the reverse side. The bag is fully lined as well.



Sewing & More Sewing

THIS is how much I love my new sewing machine...

Two new pants for Kenzie - of my own wonky design...

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Mama Got a New Sewing Machine

I can’t say I’m an avid sewer, but I certainly have enough ideas that never get made, because creating them seems too tedious. I had a older Brother sewing machine given to me by my mom, but over the years it’s become a little less than proficient in working order. My husband would grimace whenever I’d bring it out suspecting I'd commence with cursing and calling it names while trying to handle one of my rather simple projects. Sewing something would take HOURS as it would make a rackety noise and the thread would break repeatedly. I tried adjusting it, taking it apart and cleaning it, to no avail. I kept on...sewing, breaking thread, and cursing.

Doug apparently couldn't take it anymore...and started looking at machines on his own. (boy, it must have been bad!!) He’d tell me about his finds and suggest I buy a new one. Finally, I succumbed after finding another Brother (with fancy stitches even) at Costco. After researching it and finding it for an escalated price everywhere else – I did finally buy it.

OMG! I’d forgotten how easy sewing is! This baby purrs! It’s got a few computerized gizmos that I’ll probably never master – but I can sew a simple seam – quickly – without my thread breaking 12 times on the way there! AMAZING. I’m so excited!



Dear Sister Zig-Zag:

Thanks so much for the fun e-card. You asked for me to post some info. to my blog regarding my crafty preferences. You're in luck...I've never met a craft I don't like!!

If you read my "Creative Juices" post below... you may note several creative ideas I've wanted to give a shot. I haven't been so inclined or organized to get started on ANY of the remaining ideas yet! It appears that you enjoy the element of surprise -- as well as I. Take some liberties in designing the kit if you wish - I'm sure it will be just up my alley.

I'm especially excited about the idea of using ink-jet transfers to design my own fabrics, labels, etc. I just love the idea of jazzing up some fabric with transfers, dyes, or just some wonky and colorful machine stitching, etc. So - if you care to run with that "fabric enhancement" theme please oblige me! If that's too difficult (or spendy) - a magnet making kit would really cool too! I could go on and on with the ideas sprouting in my head right now...so seriously...have fun with it! (unless that's too overwhelming, then of course I'll narrow it down for you!!)

This is exciting! Thanks for making it fun! -Stacy (AKA: Sister Seam Ripper)

***To those of you whom are confused - I've joined another crafty swap (visit the Back-tack link to the left for details).