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SO good

We just got back from a camping trip that was so memorable in every good way. It was just what we needed, including the spontaneous extra day we stayed. Now we're home and missing the gorgeous scenery, and the romantic feelings it invoked.

These pictures are of something new we tried with the girl. I felt bad about "messing with nature" for about 2.5 seconds. She had such a great time with it, even narrating her art for the video camera at the conclusion.. that it was worth the guilt.

And, heck, it was washable paint. It'll come off in a good rain storm.

**more camping photos and entertaining-kiddos-while-outdoors-ideas are at my Kenzie's doodles blog. This doodle on a tree will also be posted at the place where big and little art meet .



Rain, rain..go away.

You've got to love her take on rainy days...
Grab the Aquadoodle for coloring outside. Unexpected rain drops sprinkle the mat. When the rain drops aren't sufficiently wet enough - take it to the next level & go for the watering can.

Wish I had her enthusiasm for this soggy day.

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a light in the tunnel

Today's weather report feels partly remorseful for yesterday's blog post with a 78% chance that Kenzie will be sent home from preschool for being ill. There's also a 99.4% chance for strong gusts of a baby not sleeping through the night tonight. either.

Thanks for the insights ladies. It's also a delight to see some new commenters. When I'm not so whiney about the time-suck-that-is-my-life, I'll very much enjoy following those links to discover new blogs.

The strange photos are the result of a accidental borrowing of a library toy block. Rylan stole it by stuffing it way under his chubby body in the stroller. I found it and have been shooting odd shots through the hole. The shots are fitting, given that the numerous "been there, done that" comments are indeed "a light in the tunnel..."

Thanks again for the wisdoms. I shall redirect the woe-is-me's and proceed down this life, I love... to include a better blogging effort. And, perhaps more tunnel shots using our stolen treasure. :)

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Where is Pippy the Skunk?

Two of my clan went on a father-daughter camping trip -in the rain- last weekend. And, I had lofty goals. I got so little done around the demanding babe - yet I've still got the grins from the little accomplishments.

I've got fresh pics of my sillies throughout the home now, and I like very much the feeling of newness everywhere I look.

I've always loved this montage. It's something I started in California - and it's how Kenzie knew her family, even though we infrequently saw them. It's solely black and whites, wonkily arranged in an organic form. The big photos are 8x10, so it's really quite large as a whole. The montage is the view from our front door when you glance up the staircase. It's the last thing the kids see as we walk them to bed. They can tell Nana's, Poppy & "Unca" Chance goodnight, each night on the way by. The photos have all been taken by myself or Doug. Some of them aren't even the most fabulous shots, but they all have a special memory or feeling we are trying to preserve for another moment. I swap fresh ones in ..and keep the outdated collection in an album dating back to Kenzie's birth. I think it's one of my most brilliant ideas. ever.

In mulling over the changing seasons -- I must admit I'm feeling gloomy about fall and winter already. In effort to keep myself from sinking into that pit, I'm going to make a better effort here at this blogging thing. I definitely feel like celebrating the small stuff more, ..when.. I actually celebrate it with a blog post. Those little daily doodles might just freshen up the naked trees and dirty snow, when that time comes. Blogging seems to give me a fresher perspective when little things are new.. just as the updated montage has done for the house. Completed projects, inspirations, fresh posts. It's so satisfying.

I've also been piddling with some artwork...but due to licensing contracts...I won't be able to share it until it goes live. Pooh. That's what I need to master --> the art of the unbloggable. Hmnnn. It feels like daily, I organize a post in my mind and the next thing I know I'm distracted by a certain 4 year olds exclamation (an example was heard as I was typing that last sentence) "MoOOOooM. Where's Pippy the Skunk?"

Huh, where IS Pippy the skunk, and who the hell is THAT anyway??
Suddenly, my lofty blogging goal is sidetracked by the mundane.

Today's weather report feels partly whiney with a 89% chance of manic household childproofing. 0% chance at creativity.

How do YOU do it? So many of you manage lovely blogs full of creative daily whimsies while I'm distracted in pooey diapers and missing skunks. Do tell how you make each day lovely on your blog despite the same challenges. Because now that Pippy the Skunk has crawled out of a pile of Moon Sand and is now busily mutilating Mum's plants, it's time to go feed a certain baby some mushy baby food. And, the blog must wait. "I" must wait. But, hopefully, your wisdoms will be inspiring to this tired Mama.... I'm ready. Lay it on me. Please.

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