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Close your eyes if this gift is for you...

Another finished piece...a gift, which I'm hoping will remain undiscovered here - but I'm posting for those of you who have mentioned interest in seeing it.

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The shower was a success....

Today, we hosted the baby shower for our friends Matt & Jen, as was mentioned in previous posts. This cake was the final creation that I made to reference their happy seaworld creature theme. It was a fun day, which I'm hopeful met their expectations.



Hoping to get in on the next round....



The fun you can have with a Clorox Bleach Pen...

A skirt....
I planned to do a Mendhi type design on some clothing and tried it out on this old skirt first. This isn't Mendhi-like, but was just an experiment. IT WORKS! Ah, the old tired clothing that can be made lively with a simple bleach pen!!

And a second bleach pen creation...
A funny little signature book for the shower this coming weekend. This little seahorse critter is one of the characters in the baby room, which I bleached into a piece of fabric and affixed to the front of our book...for shower attendees to share their sentiments with little Baby James before he arrives.



Finished Pieces...

I've finished and framed a few textile art pieces. Below, is the final ladybug art done for Kenzie's room.... (Her room has several hand painted bugs on the walls), and the fabric I used were remnants left over from the baby bedding that Nana B. designed for her.

The detail get's a bit washed out when the photo is taken through the shadowbox glass. Below is the unframed version, where it is a bit easier to make out the stitching details, wire embellishments, etc.

And this is the framed and final product of a baby shower gift. (I don't have any unframed photos).

This relief will hopefully blend with the theme of the little guys nursery. Happy crabs, fish, and other seaworld creatures are the theme of the nursery, this relief, and the shower extravaganza. The sky is a wonky little quilt creation. Each additional element has been layered on so that they stand out a wee bit, which is not apparent in the pictures.

Both reliefs are made out of fabric, with thin cardboard backing. Buttons, embroidery stitching, and wire are the only embellishments.

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