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Why hello there...

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I'm not ready to let my blogs completely die, but the fact of the matter is - I just don't think about blogging very often. I was, however, just managing my photo archives and tripped over a few little projects that I'll post here - over the next few days. Let's see if this little effort incents a recommitment to being creative and blogging about it! First up - is figuring out how the new Blogger works. It appears things have improved since my last post!
A friend contacted me many moons ago about a random file cabinet she was getting rid of. I took it off her hands and began planning its make-over. Long ago, a lovely blogger also sent me a wonderful stash of sheet music. I've horded it all these years and finally made some stuff happen with it. The music is quite old, a little yellowed and the covers were bright and seem a little mid-century modern. {My sincerest thanks to the blogger, whom I can't recall her name?}
The music sheets now adorn the backsides of a built-in shelving unit, in our hallway. It's definitely dressed up a bland space and gave it some character. I just wish it would distract more from the clutter that accumulates here. The shelves host a hodge-podge of leftover decorations & need some styling!
The file cabinet has been reinvented to house my kids' art supplies in this little nook, which is located off of our playroom. I used the covers from the sheet music to mod-podge a little lively onto the old file cabinet.
It came out so well... I had to inform my friend that she may not have it back. ;) Now, I'm off to go straighten all those pictures that have gone wonky in the art room...