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I love this so much. Thanks for sharing it, Alicia.
It's my pleasure to pass it on...

And because doing and making art makes me smile - I'm also excited to move out of secret mode and blow my cover as a handmade digital art designer in the scrapbook world. I've been working (albeit, slowly, around the aforementioned family illness infestations) on some projects for the The Red Porch . They'll be going live soon with a new website with some innovative new handmade digital art scrapbooking products!

The goods aren't quite ready for sale yet, but they will be soon. In anticipation,they're offering an early-bird promotion to anyone who creates a profile, {and uploads at least one layout before Nov 29th}. Those who do this get a free kit before they launch the store.

If you're crafty scrapper, I'd highly recommend you hop, skip or run right over... Check out the details at the Red Porch Blog .

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My blogging license should be revoked. I'm officially a very terrible blogger. The boy has just recovered from our second round of Croup, and I promise to break down in tears the next time I hear him barking {couging} like a seal. Today is beautiful, and he is healthy, so while the gal played at preschool, we swung. My camera was precariously propped in the yard to catch this photo.

The tail is making it's rounds. Its travel itinerary is drawing to a close, so if you'd like to play, let me know and I'll start another round. Tails were added and very speedily depleted from the shop . There are more to come as I creatively try to create some magic with my family's X-mas spending funds.

I'm reading up a storm. And, I have a new little addiction. Oh, and Kenzie actually won the pumkin junkin' contest (child's division)!

That's me in a nutshell. What's up with you?