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Every night, I have that urge to make something and then the evening dwindles away and I suck. But, I've got some deadlines for a few projects that absolutely must occur in the next few days. I got all my swaps done (all..as in 3!! not very many) and mailed, albeit a tad bit late. I'm still waiting on my return packages as well -so we'll see how that goes.

The best swap..wasn't a swap at all. My head is still spinning with the FREE kindness. Alicia of *Posie: Rosy Little Things* & Ella Posie: A Baby, Birthday, Bridal, Just-Because Boutique..sent me a whole package of free & gorgeous felt, in great colors.

If you're not aware of her creations, site, etc. - Head on over there for a visit. She's got some lovely stuff and clearly is such a generous person - sending felt to some 20 of us beggars, with no expectation of even so much as a returned favor.
rosy little things

ella posie



Blogger beki said...

I received my felt the other day. Isn't is fabulous!

7:41 AM  

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