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Flowers, Flowers...Everywhere!

Wondering what else I can adhere a flower too lately. Here's a shirt for my daughter that I just finished last night. She'll be taking a photo with her neices over Christmas and I'm planning to make a coordinating (but different) shirt for all five of them.

It's simple, but fairly darling, if I must say so myself. I thought about adding stitching around the neck and sleeve holes, but opted to keep it simple and avoid the risk of strangling the poor child with permanently too tight openings. That's a kind and thoughtful Mama, eh???



Blogger beki said...

I love flowers. I love your flowers. Very cute idea to attach it onto a shirt. I'm sure it would be cute on a skirt too. I know my daughter would love that. It kind of reminds me of a project I did for my daughter: dancing bag .

7:49 AM  

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