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on inspiring little girls

The days of summer are rolling by in a blur and creativity is stifled in between baby cries and "must do's." However, I was instantly enamored with the new project by some of my favorite girls and wanted to join in..

Kenzie gave me the inspiration this morning...

We're also contributing this to The Place Where Big and Little Art Meet. We did just as Kenzie suggested - using the flowers and bits of nature to paint & collage the art. Thank you Kenzie & the Echoes creators. This Mama needed that.

**My piece is on top. Kenzie's outcome follows.**

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Blogger Julie said...

What beautiful art!

6:55 AM  
Blogger misschris said...

Kenzie's got momma's talent. I love it.

I'm so impressed by the Echoes project. And a little intimidated. Everything is so beautiful...

11:01 AM  

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