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Precious Princess Birthday Gifts

Each of my nieces has an Oct. or Nov. birthday and this year, I made their gifts. My handmade birthday gifties have arrived and the surprise has been "had" - so I'll now post them here. I tried to stay true to their interests (princesses, ballerinas, etc.) and adhere to the themes and colors of their rooms. I hope they look great in all their rooms and make the girls feel as special as they truly are.

For our Baby Meredith, I made a Peter Rabbit themed box, as her room is Peter Rabbity.

For the twins, Caroline and Sarah, they got a princess a piece....

And for Katie, whose room has horse themes, I did a ballerina horse.

All the boxes were a lot of fun to make. They are solely created out of fabric (with cardboard backing). Embellishments include: buttons, beads, floss stitching, some wire, and metal letters.
(more pictures saved at my flickr.com account -- see link at left).



Blogger Paula Foschia said...

I just LOVE all your boxes! You're such a talented artist! I'm dying here to see what you prepared to me... :)

9:12 AM  

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