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Mama Got a New Sewing Machine

I can’t say I’m an avid sewer, but I certainly have enough ideas that never get made, because creating them seems too tedious. I had a older Brother sewing machine given to me by my mom, but over the years it’s become a little less than proficient in working order. My husband would grimace whenever I’d bring it out suspecting I'd commence with cursing and calling it names while trying to handle one of my rather simple projects. Sewing something would take HOURS as it would make a rackety noise and the thread would break repeatedly. I tried adjusting it, taking it apart and cleaning it, to no avail. I kept on...sewing, breaking thread, and cursing.

Doug apparently couldn't take it anymore...and started looking at machines on his own. (boy, it must have been bad!!) He’d tell me about his finds and suggest I buy a new one. Finally, I succumbed after finding another Brother (with fancy stitches even) at Costco. After researching it and finding it for an escalated price everywhere else – I did finally buy it.

OMG! I’d forgotten how easy sewing is! This baby purrs! It’s got a few computerized gizmos that I’ll probably never master – but I can sew a simple seam – quickly – without my thread breaking 12 times on the way there! AMAZING. I’m so excited!



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