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Dear Sister Zig-Zag:

Thanks so much for the fun e-card. You asked for me to post some info. to my blog regarding my crafty preferences. You're in luck...I've never met a craft I don't like!!

If you read my "Creative Juices" post below... you may note several creative ideas I've wanted to give a shot. I haven't been so inclined or organized to get started on ANY of the remaining ideas yet! It appears that you enjoy the element of surprise -- as well as I. Take some liberties in designing the kit if you wish - I'm sure it will be just up my alley.

I'm especially excited about the idea of using ink-jet transfers to design my own fabrics, labels, etc. I just love the idea of jazzing up some fabric with transfers, dyes, or just some wonky and colorful machine stitching, etc. So - if you care to run with that "fabric enhancement" theme please oblige me! If that's too difficult (or spendy) - a magnet making kit would really cool too! I could go on and on with the ideas sprouting in my head right now...so seriously...have fun with it! (unless that's too overwhelming, then of course I'll narrow it down for you!!)

This is exciting! Thanks for making it fun! -Stacy (AKA: Sister Seam Ripper)

***To those of you whom are confused - I've joined another crafty swap (visit the Back-tack link to the left for details).



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