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awful pretty

Oh hell. Figured I'd better load up some of my macro shots before we reach months end. My unread posts over at bloglines is overwhelming. I'm gonna select "mark all as read" & start fresh. I hope no one said anything terribly important that I'm missing out on. Time is certainly moving at warp speed.

This tree was beautiful. I made the hubby stop and wait while I photographed it incessantly. It was wise of him not to complain.

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Blogger superminx said...

Hi girl, how's motherhood the second time around? Good to see you're dipping your toe in the blog water again :-)

Re: bloglines; I recently updated my site so my rss feed has changed in case you're of a mind to resubscribe :-) (not that I have much to say at the moment.

Stay well, Andi.

3:14 AM  
Blogger Kylie said...

Well done - love the bark photo - will have to try this one!

And I am hearing you on the bloglines pile up - I think that I have about 500 unread posts - go for it - clean the slate I say - I might just join you.

1:06 PM  

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