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I Noticed

Life got in the way of my good intentions of being a guest. Those silly tornado sirens and a camping trip delayed the downloading of my photos in time to be included in Alicia's project. Oops.

Here's a few photos of what I noticed:

The view from both directions.

A study of lost boots. I wonder how this happened?

Racoon repellant. The last time we camped here (in a tent), our dog chased a 'coon up this tree, where he camped the rest of the night. Not-so-comfy I bet?

I'm also noticing how very little I accomplish with a new babe on board...not to mention how unappealing the smell of baby vomit really is on one's left shoulder.

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Anonymous Alicia A. said...

Thanks for thinking of us!

So tell me again where you're camping for Memorial weekend? We've just about decided we ought to go camp somewhere...

2:38 PM  
Blogger Java Mama said...

Hi Stacy -
Glad to see all is well. I hope the camping was fun; like the new digs? You know- I am continuing to notice how little I accomplish. It seems the older the baby gets the less I get done. Is it my imagination? It seems like it should be the other way around. Have a good week!

8:30 AM  

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