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wall art

This little piece is one that I've enjoyed. It's hard to photograph, especially since it's 4' by 1' and the unfinished sides are all shaggy. But, it's had several intentions. First, it was to be a growth chart, but somehow it seems to complicated to finish in that matter - unless I had it scanned/printed elsewhere and added the measurement elements that way. Then, I decided it should just be a wall art piece...but I'm still unclear as to how I'll finish it. First, it'll get a good ironing (duh), and then either I will encase the sides in a binding and add a dowel and some ribbon for hanging...or I'll have it framed in a white frame with a colorful matte (probably red) border. It's meant for Kenzie's room which is taking on a very spirited Oilily feel. I happen to like that, however, I don't know if my husband feels that's a good thing.

The art is another raw-edged applique piece. Very colorful and fun, in my humble opinion...



Anonymous andi said...

that's really cute and Oilily is GOOD... husbands know nought about style. I wish i didn't have a houseful of boys then I'd shop at oilily always - i think my husband is thankful of that; his wallet definitely is! andi.

12:25 AM  
Blogger beki said...

How very cute! You have such a talent for textile art.

2:18 PM  

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