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Another dolly.

After my last creation, I emailed Susan about my horrendous guilt, and that gal....Let me tell you, is as sweet as pie. She alleviated most of the guilt. Well, to the best of her abilities anyway.

Then, I was strongly encouraged (by my family) to make dolls for my nieces' upcoming birthdays. Strongly encouraged. So, I emailed Susan and got her blessing for another four babies using her "style."

This is dolly number 2 for Kenzie's cousins. Dolly number 1 has some issues. It appears she'll need some serious surgery to repair a pinhead condition. On her, I tried a different hairstyle with baby Meredith in mind. I figure these dolls are more of an artistic statement that should sit idle on a child's bed...but I anticipate they may be drug around a bit too. Long piggies probably wouldn't be the best for little Meredith - so I'm reworking that doll a bit to make her more youngish-toddler friendly -- minus the pinhead condition.

Anyway, this is dolly Number 2. I'm leaving them nameless for the Dolly owners to name them. This one looks like a Stella to me, but... I'm fairly pleased with how she turned out.



Blogger beki said...

Such cute creations! I'm sure your nieces will love them.

3:26 PM  

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