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Rag doll..Take three!!

This is doll #1, to be gifted to one of my neices as a birthday gift. As was mentioned yesterday, I'd created this doll in a way that resulted in a bit of a "pinhead" appearance. After some reconstructive surgery, some piggies were added superficially to give her head a bit more of a presence on the large body. She also received a bit of a cheek liposuction, as they were a bit wonky and too large for her face. All is better now, yet I'm still not claiming her as my favorite.

In showing these gals to my neighbor friends, we all agree that the Kenzalina doll has a charm to her that the others are lacking. I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong - aside from my passion for creation always wanes with reproductions. I'm just not a crafter that can do the same thing over..and over...and.... I think it's the color schemes. The first doll was more colorful, then these last two.

Two more to go. And then birthday extravaganza for 2006 will be complete.

**this doll was also created using my own pattern - which idolizes Susan of Joybucket.org's style.



Anonymous carolyn said...

she's cute and whimsicle

9:26 PM  
Blogger beki said...

I think she's adorable! Good job ;-)

7:52 PM  

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