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Wrist Cuff

This is a gift that was sent to another generous blogger, Maize Hutton, whom has bestowed two loot bags upon me. Sorry, I believe her link is at the right. For some reason, I can never ever remember how to generate a link within a post.

I've seen similar cuffs being sold by some of my favorite clothing suppliers and thought, ah heck - I can make one (or twelve). This is the second one I made, as the first is still in transit to it's new owner. I think after a few more revisions - I'll be really happy with one. The hubby asked for a guy's version, but I haven't played around with that concept just yet.

I realized late in the making of these, that not all wrists are the same! So, unfortunately, the only solutions were to request a wrist measurement (& ruin the surprise) or attach the final two snaps for the recipient to affix the where appropriate. I went with the latter, and the gals will have to finish the bracelet themselves. Apparently, it was a good decision as Ms. Maize states she's received hers and also has bird-like wrists. How cute I picture her to be. :)



Anonymous Samantha said...

I love the cuffs. What materials did you use? Also, the pillow case dresses are great. I have bought 4 of them from a friend who makes them. I have twin daughters (who will turn 2! on 8/9/06). The second set I ordered are their birthday dresses. I love them!

1:44 PM  
Blogger Stacy said...

thanks samantha. The cuffs are made of good 'ole pleather. :) I had a bit of a supply left over from some chalkboard placemats that I made (& intended to reproduce)...and I used that, and beads, and material, and a bit of embroidery floss as well. Not terribly sophisticated..but I like the end result.

3:05 PM  

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