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****Edited to add: Ah the Irony! This doll is now deceased. My in-law's dog, Abby, has the habit of eating our belongings. There is now a long list of things she's destroyed of Kenzie's: cups, Croc shoes, baby bag, etc. that have been ripped to shreds by this dog. Kenzalina suffered the same fate last night.

Original post:

Kenzalina (face)
Originally uploaded by mama's doodles.
This is a doll I made for Kenzie, designed to resemble her. I loved the notion of the heart on the mouth & telling Kenzie it was a kiss that I put there.

Anyway... I've named the doll Kenzalina...which is the nickname that our old Nanny gave Kenzie. I've fashioned Kenzalina to be quite like Kenzie with the bright blue eyes...and blond piggie-tails. (OK, so I'm dreaming a bit with that mass of hair, but maybe someday my Kenzie will have long luscious hair too. :) She's wonky and fun, and she turned out really great. She now sits on a rocking chair in Kenzie's room. Kenzie said she's "OHhhhhH, pretty, pretty!"

And, after trying to upload this post through Blogger - oh, say 37 times...unsuccessfully -- I threw a temper tantrum and did it through flickr. I put two other shots (full body and backside view) on flickr, but I can't seem to get Blogger to upload ANY photos for me today. This doll was fashioned after the dolls made by Joybucket.org. It's my own take on her fabulous dolls, which seem to have skyrocketing price tags.



Anonymous joybucket said...

I'm flattered.

I love how you did her hair. Hair is always difficult to do and I think you did a great job.

She's got a great quirky face. Did you sew her face before you sewed her together?

7:53 AM  
Blogger getzapped said...

Regardless, of taking someone else's idea - I still think she is just adorable and radiates joy!

3:30 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Hi, and thanks for dropping by my blog Flickr Dolls.

I've had a hard time picking just one doll from your gallery, because they are all beautiful... but if you say Kenzalina was modeled after your daughter, my choice must have been right. :)

4:57 PM  

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