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Cuff for Superminx

I'm cheating...and using Andi's flickr link to post this, since I'm lazy and don't have it in me to do a proper post. Let's just say the hubby is away and I didn't sleep well last night due to all the imaginary burglars breaking into my house.

This was the first attempt at a cuff I made. I got the idea from a cuff I saw on Kate Hudson and another I saw some other celebrity wearing, whom I don't know who it was. The visuals & inspiration were found in People magazine, one of my addictions. :)

I still want to make one for myself, and a itty-bitty one for my daughter. :)

Later in the week, when the laziness subsided - I'm adding the following pics, of the cuff and hat I sent on to Andi.

The hat seemed a brilliant idea at the time, when I found a paper made cowboy hat. It's totally pliable and rolls and bends into different shapes, although running a bit large in the head size. Andi has a pony, and I thought the cowboy hat would be suiting because of that. Funny, I forgot that fact when I was mailing it and wondering why the heck I made her a cowboy hat in the first place. Andi put it all together without my help, and managed to remind me of it's original purpose.

I also sent some paper goodies. All as a thanks for Smiggling me with the fun stuff from an Aussie store.

And, thank goodness, for Blogger being fast with uploads today!! Yeah Blogger!



Blogger Jo in NZ said...

WOW the cuffs are great, the blue dress is GREAT! Love those cuffs. Did I mention the cuffs were great?? Don't think I have the wrist for cuffs, but the sure do look great!

5:59 AM  
Blogger Annettes Hobbyblogg said...

Lovely cuffs!!!

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Dacia said...

these are lovely!!

11:18 AM  

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