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I've been having trouble with Blogger lately, and spending way too much time trying to load posts to my Kenzie's doodles blog. I've also been painting and readying Kenzie's big girl bed. My "crafty" time just evaporates and I haven't accomplished much lately, aside from the beginnings of a painting for Kenzie's room. But, I always check my blogs, even though it's a big investment of my time.

Today, I checked my stats for some reason, and got a good giggle at some of the referrals that bring people this way. My favorite was this Google search:
"Why did Kate Hudson separate?"

I didn't even know she had separated from her husband until this. But, indeed it appears her marriage wasn't as blissful as I thought it was. So, that simple question -- linked to my statement about making a wrist cuff similar to one I saw her wearing, and I also used the word "separation" in my post...and Voila. My Mama's Doodles blog popped up as the first entry in answer to why Kate Hudson separated from her husband...

Too funny.



Anonymous andi said...

Hello. been so busy lately haven't stopped by to say 'hi'. Hope you have photos of Kenzie's big girl bed! Andi.

2:04 AM  
Blogger beki said...

Isn't that crazy? I've had some weird stuff refer to my blog, but not that hip.

8:17 AM  

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