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Pillowcase Dress!

Today, while my kid was doing this (and therefore -A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y. refusing to model for me):

I took two bad pictures of this:

Long story short - a neighbor has a daughter who was wearing the most darling dress the other day. Upon inspection, it was a lovely white fabric with really cute embroidered flowers and butterflies at the bottom. The Mama tells me that a friend bought it for her daughter, but that it was made from a vintage pillowcase!! After seeing the adorable thing, I immediately exclaim that I can make that (the neighbors probably aren't aware of my artsy-crafty nature yet...they just see "me" as someone who stands outdoors with their kid most of the day) and proclaim that I'll be searching for vintage pillowcases now so I can make some. I've done a couple of searches on e-bay and walked away as damn, they can be expensive.

Another neighbor who is a garage-sale fanatic turns up yesterday with four pillowcases for me. Very sweet of her. But, they were all plain (two pale yellow. two dark blue (which are identical to some that I. have. on. one. of. my. beds.) And, they weren't old. No worries, I thought. I've got to be polite and do something with them. And, I can just embellish to the hilt to make them sweetly less pillowcase like, eh? So, this little result was really just a fiddle with fit, size, and pattern-making.

I've tried it on Kenzie and it's quite cute...and doesn't resemble a pillow-case at all. I just added ribbons, and decorative stitching to this one. The next one, a blue case - I'm envisioning flowers at the bottom, and a bird flying around the middle of the dress in the blue sky. I'll start that one next week -- around wrestling the wallpaper in the bathroom for the second week of Kenzie naps in a row. It's not giving up without a fight and is officially the worst wall-papered monstrosity I've ever run across. (wallpaper is directly on the dry wall, so it's not a clean seperation. Thankfully, I was planning to texturize the walls anyway. How did I start talking about wallpaper when I'm discussing pillowcases??? Enough rambling... More pillow case dresses to follow! And hopefully, I'll still love them when some vintage ones become available to me!!)



Blogger Lucie said...

Can I just say this is fab-u-lous?! I was google searching pillowcase dreses for my 5 y.o. who has managed to break her arm - big ol' cast, hard to dress, etc. Found yours and am so impressed! Chloe actually smiled! Now I'm off to haul out the machine - thanks for the inspiration...

12:28 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I made a couple of these yesterday and found myself frustrated at sewing the arms...is there an easy trick or does it get better with practice? :) Thanks...By the way, those photos are not bad, that is one super cute dress!!

4:31 PM  
Blogger Stacy said...

laura...you made me giggle. And, no.. I don't believe the arms get any easier. :) But, when frustrated by the wrestling match I began to sew cute fabric binding around the armpit line. Sometimes, I'll even leave long tails of the binding as ties (which tie over the shoulder). Have you tried anything like that?

6:01 PM  

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