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The table that's eating my crafty time...

I've been working daily on this table (during Kenzie's afternoon nap) - & - It's looking really good! It's been completely sanded to bare wood and as of today -- Mrs. Ants-in-her-pants (me) restained several parts of the table in a dark walnutty color. I think I'm gonna love it. It should be completely finished in the next day or two given another good Kenzie nap (or three).

Photos follow of each step:
1. Untouched, dry, yellow - as purchased at the garage sale

2. Sanded to bare wood

3. The glorious new finish:

Sigh. It looks so much better, but I think a great many days will pass before I get the motivation to tackle the chairs.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That wood looks just lovely. It's hard work restoring things like that, but oh so worth it.

5:18 PM  

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