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Kenzie misses her out-of-state cousins and we made a neat little card for them. After some deliberation, I decided to include some gifts for them (all four are girls, ages 6 and under.) These sock puppets were a hoot to make and turned out adorable. My favorite is the lizard. They'll go great with their puppet theater and creative little minds.

I used really soft fuzzy socks, just winged the embellishments, and cut a slit in each sock to serve as the mouth. After covering a folded cardboard insert with fabric, I stitched it into the mouth -- which makes a very animated little mouth.

These guys are extremely hard to photograph on your own hand without causing bodily harm. My photos are terrible - as these are stinking cute in action, but it's the best I have patience for.

I also gifted my sister-in-law this hat. It's made out of paper, which I found fascinating...but it's really very durable and tough. It lends itself to squishing and squashing into many styles. I added the flower embellishment, and sent it on it's way...

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Anonymous carolyn said...

very cute! we have a few sock puppets we unearthed that my daughter & I made one summer...a kitty and kitty with wings. The lizard is inspired!

7:36 PM  
Anonymous pyglet said...

These are so cute!

4:26 AM  
Anonymous andi said...

sock puppets are something I haven't tried yet. Guy pulled two little baby socks out of his laptop bag the other day (don't for the life of me remember how they got in there!) so i'm thinking about making the boys baby sock monkeys out of them. They're a bit faded though which is a shame. Off to stand by the letterbox... might take tippy out with me to graze on the nice green lawn for a treat :-)

3:29 AM  
Blogger Annettes Hobbyblogg said...

Ah, supercute sock puppies!!!

5:12 AM  

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