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Exasperated Sigh....

This is one of two collage pieces I was making. One is for a gift and is still in progress. This one I'm totally pissed at. JJill is having an art contest for a new T-shirt design. You send in a 10x10 piece of "art" and if you win, you earn an amazing vacation or a nice consellation prize.

I had intended to fill this in with more flowers and a few "Nod to Nature" written phrases, but I did a test-scan mid-stream and realize that it doesn't scan nearly as incredible as it appears in real life. I used felt background, machine stitched the whole thing and used ephemera (I've always wanted to use that word, and don't know if it really applies here?) but the collage pieces include maps, newspapers, other papers, wall papers, etc. The layers are very interesting...all though it certainly doesn't appear so much in the scan. It looks like absolute crap in the scan. Bummer.

I give up. No JJill prize for me...



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