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I must have been delusional

As previously stated, I've become an at-home parent. Before it ocurred, I had notions of grandeur thinking of all the crafting and creative time I'd have. Now, being a bit more realistic - I can admit that's not really happening. I'm enjoying being home with Kenzie, most days. Those would be the days when she's adorable and agreeable. Fortunately, those are the most of them...

That being said - Most of my day is spent at her whim, coloring, walking, riding bikes, playing in the cottage or on the swings...maybe hunting bugs. When she goes down for her mid-day nap, I'm immediately overwhelmed by all the things I wish to do. Read, paint some walls, make pillows, dresses, (or the rest of my to-do list below). It's usually a short nap..and I've found that it takes a great few days to accomplish any single project.

This here light fixture is in our entryway. It was brass. Sorry, world, but I hate brass. We've been converting all of our brass fixtures to wrought iron colored ones, and this one was a mind-bender. The entry way is SO tall. My dear husband exclaimed more than once that there was no way to remove the fixture without hiring someone to do it. So, I painted the damn thing. Added some little shades, and Voila! It counts as my most recent crafting accomplishment. There's still a brass chain that will be camoflauged with a black scrunchy creation as soon as I obtain some suitable fabric. Hard to believe that this thing took three days of nap-times to complete (priming, and two coats of black).

As part of my delusions of grandeur, I had pictured making a lot of clothes for the girl, myself, and some household decorating pieces. I have a stack of projects just gathering dust at this point...and I'd also thought of creating a "shop" to sell some pieces. I just don't know where the time will magically appear! But, it will... and I must wait a bit more patiently I guess. My blogs have been taking a beating with seldom posts, but I do manage to read my bloglines list everyday. I enjoy watching what others are up to, but some days I wonder how. in. the. heck. they. do. it. all.
Kids, housework, AND crafting?
These women are my superheroes.

If anyone has words of wisdom about how to enjoy your family AND simultaneously make free time appear out of no where -- please do share.

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Anonymous andi said...

I craft at night and on weekends (if I don't have extra work on). It used to be that i would nap when the boys napped - a one hour sleep in the afternoon kept me awake and active well past midnight! ... then it started keeping them awake at night too so sadly naps are gone.


7:13 PM  
Anonymous beki said...

It's impossible to do during the day, especially with little ones. I'm opnly able to do things when they're sleeping or occupied by someone else.

11:18 PM  
Blogger Candlestring said...

I used to "do" Flylady.net but haven't gotten back into my routines since we moved and had a new baby... it was a great help in the past, though.
I understand the time crunch completely. Taking a week or a month to sew a "one hour" skirt, etc. is now the norm for me. But I wouldn't trade my time with my kids for anything, would you? They are so precious and they won't be small forever. Which isn't to say I don't enjoy a day out now and then - or having dh take them out and I get to be home alone. Yay!

2:20 PM  
Blogger Candlestring said...

Oh, and I forgot to say I love what you did with your light fixture!
And the more Kenzie grows, the more she'll be able to participate in what *you* want to do. Also, one thing I have fun with is doing the kid crafts right along with my kids - only I make a fancier version, usually. For example, they make paper snowflakes from coffee filters, or a garland of paper gingerbread men, and I make paper lace edging for shelves. Same materials (paper) same supplies (scissors) but different results. Same fun!

2:27 PM  

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