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I got a case of the Smiggles

Andi, of Superminx (see link at the right as I'm horrible at posting links within Posts...and it's late & I'm lazy) sent me some sweet goodies. She'd gotten this great apple packing tape, which I commented on...and immediately checked the store (Smiggle) to see if I could get some.

It appears that this very cool store is only in Australia, so I mentioned that to her -- and off she goes to buy me some! A cute little package of tapes, erasers, magnets, and a really cool "Hide & Seek pen" arrived today and gave me a good case of the smiggle giggles. I just love it!!

Thanks Andi - I've got a package building as a "thanks" to you...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuss not! you could send me an old sock as long as the package is stuck with smiggle tape!

2:23 AM  

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