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Superbowl crafting

Thanks to my major disinterest in football - I did get some "in process" projects completed thanks to the Super Bowl: 1. our replacement owl dressed has been dressed in some wings. 2. I also hand-stitched my twin pillows closed.

Today, we have an emergency unicorn adjustment on the agenda. Kenzie has been wearing a full-body unicorn/pegasus costume that's too short for her. I dunno if it's possible, but I'm going to see if I can make it "taller." (***edited to add: I did it. I sure can't claim to be an expert costume designer, but it's a bit taller now!)

My sis-in-law was over last night for the football viewing. She's a physical therapist - and performed some mobility checks on my wrist. She ruled out carpal tunnel -- yeah!!!! She ruled in -- tendonitis.

Today, my wrist is markedly better. I dunno if it's from the stretching and pulling, or if it just ran it's course. According to my SIL, continued movement and use is much advised, rather than babying it and waiting for the pain to subside. Therefore, I no longer have any excuses for my lack of productivity. (well, except for those February blues).



Blogger beki said...

Your little owl is turning out so cute! Lucky you, I wish I could have crafted during the super bowl. I had to do pre-bowl crafting in order to fit it in.

11:06 AM  

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