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Banner make-over

I've been having immense difficulties loading my Doodle banner to my shop at Etsy. It kept coming out squashed, or blurry, or only half of it showed up.... Finally, frustrated - I began perusing the forums for help. I noticed Colorfiesta holding a sale. Banners for $2.75 to celebrate her one year Etsy-versary! The only problem was that the sale had ended the previous day. I asked her for a quote on help for my banner, and this lovely, kind soul extended the sale rate to me. And, then she made me this:

I think it's so cool that she used my own work to design the banner from. All I did was direct her to my flickr photos. I WISH had the kind of creative mind that knew how to do this. I'm now begging her to help me with my blog. I really want to switch to Beta, and clean things up around here....but I'm a bit paranoid to do it without someone with computer smarts holding my hand!

If you're looking for banner assistance -- I'd certainly highly recommend Colorfiesta.

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