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Tutu difficult to photograph!

I have a good photographer friend, whom I may beg to take some photos for me. I am having such trouble taking photos of these babies. Before I got "serious" :) I would just dangle them out of a tree in my backyard. Now, aside from the trees being skeletal and leafless - I'd like to take some better pictures.

I'm shooting these just for documentation purposes. (so I know what I mail away). These are the only decent photos out of the bunch (showing only part of the collection), and let me just say, I feel rather ridiculous moving pictures/art so I can use the wall space. Ironing and hanging fabric on the wall, so I can use it as a backdrop (um, that was a BAD idea. Nothing good came of it!) Moving chairs around to less cluttery parts of the house, etc. Washing walls, as the photographs were reflecting dust on the walls! Not to mention getting peeved with my toddler who was tossing cars and shadows about my shooting area, standing in front of the camera, dragging from my leg, and wrapping her arms around my neck in the middle of pictures. What a silly and frustrating task!

I'd like to find a really good manikin bust. And some really cool hangers, maybe the old-fashioned iron fancy kind. Those would be really good props to have, for these and clothing items. But, still - my lighting and backdrop would be inferior to that of my friend. Since I'm making each tutu unique - I can hardly ask him to take a picture of every single one. So, I really want to figure out how to do this myself.

I tried everything: doorways, nails in walls, doorknobs, chairs, plant-stands, everything but the child - which would be the obvious choice...but then. I'd. be. really. frustrated. She's a spry little thing. :) And, it wouldn't be any fun for her.


These are tutus that I designed with Valentine's Day in mind. Great for the holiday, and still girly and every-day worthy:

These are actually my favorites. I love the dainty little flowers nestled in the skirts. Ironically, they also photograph the worst!

Please fess up any photography wisdoms you might have!



Anonymous Alicia A. said...

OK, I'm going to be honest here, so I hope it is helpful. I find the hanger inside a little distracting. What about hanging them clothes-line style? You could paint some wooden clothes pins pink or something. Finding a teeny tiny model and letting her dance around would make for some nice action shots.

how old is your daughter?

Sorry if that's long winded...

7:33 PM  
Blogger Sean Carter said...

Hey great photos and lovely designs....they look absolutely wonderful....do keep up the good work...and do share some of your more stuff...they are really great...well hey i've also posted a couple of cool stuff over at my blog so do drop by sometime and enjoy all that's there...and while you're at it share your thoughts as well!!!

1:32 AM  
Blogger African Kelli said...

I love the one hanging on the wall. I think on a closeline would be cute. I also like the idea of finding something to wrap them around, like a big bag of flour. They are so, so pretty by the way!

3:29 PM  

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