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Getting my Craft on

I have actually been quite busy in my little craft studio lately. I had accumulated quite a stack of things needing repairs. There's nothing like repairs that makes you feel productive and efficient. I have also altered some t-shirts that were too small on my husband -- & they became mine. I also started a skirt that is officially the first thing I've ever made for MYSELF. I made up my own pattern too, so if it doesn't turn out well - it may officially be the last. :)

After a bit of organizing, I hope to get moving on some projects. I have a journal of SO many ideas that sometimes it's terribly overwhelming for me. Not to mention flickr favorites, and clippings saved over at Bloglines. I just don't know where to start...

I am however, planning to participate in this group over at flickr. Probably not this month -- but I hope to jump in on the theme next month. What a great title. Get Your Craft On.

And, in spirit of the group, I feel like I most definitely should....

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Blogger beki said...

What a cool group! Good luck getting your craft on!

8:45 AM  

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