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Garage Sale

Is it bad to use Etsy as a garage sale? I'm sifting through piles of handmade stuff and I'm going to list a few things over at Etsy from my stash. I've already put one of my log-cabin pillow covers up for sale...and who knows what else I might decide to toss in there. You might remember it? It was made for my entry way, but ended up too country and too red for my liking. I actually made two - and then mailed one pillow off to Sandrine of Didine when she exclaimed she liked it. That poor entry still has an empty bench. I've got the itch to try freezer paper stencil birds on some better matching pillows for it. Hopefully, I'll get to that this week, now that the tutu frenzy is over. Heck, I've got the itch to try freezer paper stencils on everything!! And, after a lengthy hunt, I've finally obtained the freezer paper. It was an elusive little resource, I'll tell ya!

Speaking of tutus - I also dropped two of my new tutus into the Etsy shop. They are the perfect valentine gift for sweet little girls, in my humble opinion. Now, what to get my own daughter (who already has tutu many tutu's??) Hmnn.....

Why does it feel so shameful to plug my own Etsy shop on my own blog?



Blogger Sean Carter said...

Hey this is sean again....thanks for dropping by my blog and sharing your thoughts...am so glad u liked it...and do drop by sometime again for some more updates!!!

12:39 AM  
Blogger African Kelli said...

That is silly! You have to be your own best advocate. :)

2:09 PM  

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