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My February Funk

Foul weather, fading Christmas memories, failed resolutions and a lack of motivation conspire to depress. Oh, my least favorite month of the year has begun. Our first winter back in the Midwest is wearing on me... I've got a sore case of missing California, and it only seems to get worse as the cold days keep presenting. I'd really just like to bundle up with a blanket, cover my head and sleep until spring. But my daughter doesn't so much agree. Lucky for me, she still finds charm in the simplest of activities...and stuffed friends.

Long ago, I made Kenzie a stuffed owl. After a bout with the flu, the owl was a victim of her "tummy yuckies" & became trash. It left us a year ago. I've only started it's replacement this past week. And if this delay in reproducing her owl isn't the ultimate sign of lack of motivation... I'm only posting this little guy to insure I freaking finish it. A blog post insures commitment!

The owl will have wings. I fiddled with this wonky and easy wavy quilty weavy piece of patchwork to create the wings from. The wings have been created, yet still need to be attached to the body. I've still got a skirt for myself that needs a waist of some sort. I also have my twin pillows to sew closed. Some Kenzie clothes which need to be finished. Some freezer paper stencils to be stenciled. Winter is beating me down. Hard. I must claw myself back to the verge of a productive artful life. One where there seems to be beginnings -and- conclusions. Good grief, can I finish something already???

Cramzy's tutorial for the easy wavy quilty weavy piece, which I'll be making lots more of.

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Blogger jojo* said...

Cute owl! Thanks to the link to the weavy wavy quilting. Will have to give that one a try sometime.

9:04 AM  

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