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Doodle Factory

I'm up to my eyeballs in tutus. Given almost a whole day of Daddy:to:Kenzie craft time yesterday - I've been making tutus to satisfy an order for a shop in California. I've also made a few spares to plop neatly into my Etsy shop, which has been depleted of tutus.

Sewing one product over and over has given me some thinking time. I've been perplexed as to what to call my products, as well as how to include my blog names. I didn't want to change everything and run the risk of not being able to secure web addresses, etc. My original blog, is my Kenzie's doodles blog. Doodle, as I've mentioned before is one of her zillions of nicknames - but it was the first, given to her by her Nana. Then, catching on to the crafty blog phenomenon, I started Mama's doodles. Then came a flickr account, followed by an Etsy shop. My names weren't fabulous, but it's what I used without giving forethought to what I wished it to become.

So, back to sewing....I really enjoy making these tutus. I'm an artistic soul, and never thought my main contribution to the art world would be, um, tutus. But, it is what is is! I have poured my heart into these tutus this past weekend and just love how they are turning out. They are all different. I guess I'm injecting my artistic license into my tutu endeavors. I really like that they are unique and different from one another. Just as each little gal wearing them {futuristically} is unique and different, themselves. I don't know how long I can continue to produce them this way - but I can honestly say that I haven't generated any "repeats" just yet.

Now, back to my "names." Happily sewing along, I looked at my doorway - with finished products hanging from it. And down at the pile of sewn tutus, still needing sashes..and then at the piles of sashes, and not to mention the buckets of flower petals (all of which were disassembled from flower stems by by partner in crime - my husband. Gotta love a man who'll sit in front of the TV and mindless take apart flowers for you!!! He's the best.) Anyway, this production line got me to giggling about my factory approach. "It's a Tutu factory in here!" I thought to myself.

Moments later it hit me. Doodle factory. That's it. Kind of cheesy, but that's what I'll be tagging everything with once I can figure out how. It's all encompassing of each of my blogs, stays true to their original names... It makes sense given my origins, and I like it. I make lots of different things, and fortunately, the name will easily apply to everything. And, happily - a quick (very quick, mind you) search of the net - didn't manifest any direct results for companies who've already claimed the title. Phew.

So, it's official - Doodle Factory, it is...

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Blogger African Kelli said...

LOVE it! Too cute. :)

5:16 PM  
Anonymous andi said...

oh, my! how exciting! so you're going to put swing tags on them and go all pro on us? :-) I'd love to see a photo of them all when they're done. I find it really hard to make the same thing twice - i have STTADD (same thing twice attention def... you get the idea). But I often wish I could get others to make my things for me once I've thought them up because I love seeing lots of the same thing but with variations (fabrics, colours) together. ps. i bought 5 pairs of my second favourite pantyhose online today because I just found out that the colour I like is being discontinued... so it may be a while before I order from the US.

5:33 AM  
Blogger beki said...

Love the name! I wish I had thought of a better name for my whole blog/crafting adventure, but ok well, too late now.
Look at you with all the tutu's! That's awesome ;-)

9:05 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

Your tutus are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I own www.tutuboutique and would love to sell them. Please email me at heidi@tutuboutique.com.

8:32 PM  

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