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My Valentine

Here begins the week where we force our daughter to wear all the Valentine inspired clothing ONCE that she's receiving as holiday gifts. I'm also having pell-mell thoughts for other Valentine's crafts, which I'm forcing to remain a figment of my imagination - as it's too late to mail them off as gifts. (especially since I still have those zippers to tackle!!)

Last night, at our weekly dinner at the in-laws abode - I found myself admiring the centerpiece. My mother-in-law takes table decor very seriously. After dinner, she started handing out Valentines gifts and..what do you know..a replica of the centerpiece became mine.

Today is another gloomy wintry day for me. Rain is falling, soon to become more snow, I think. This whimsical thing is embellishing my space and perhaps my mood. Unfortunately, it will only burn during my daughter's nap - as she's all too aware that it's edible.

To build one yourself: Use a glass vase (this one is 7" x 7"), filled half full with sweethearts. Float another glass votive with candle in the middle. Simply sweet.



Blogger Java Mama said...

Your candle holder can be used for so many holidays! Jelly beans for easter, candy corn for halloween/ thanksgiving, peppermints for christmas. The list is really endless once you start thinking about it, and it goes way beyond candy. Neat lil' gift!

12:53 PM  
Blogger Stacy said...

Wow Sam. I hadn't even thought of those possibilities!

5:18 PM  

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